Pantone Charts

Comparing Pantone Guides and Books (Scroll Down Page for detailed information on all Pantone products) Pantone Solid Color Palette GP-1301Pantone Formula Guides-coated/uncoatedThis two-guide set contains the 1,341 Pantone solid color palette…

Pantone Color Chips Book

Pantone FormulaCtd/Unctd$109 Pantone ChipsCtd/Unctd$259 Pantone Color BridgeCtd/Unctd$209 Pantone Color BridgeCoated$129 Pantone Color BridgeUncoated$129 Pantone Premium Metallics Guide$79 Pantone Premium Metallic Chips$175 Pantone Pastels and Neons$79 Pantone Pastels and Neons Chips$175