Pantone Color Guides, Books and More…

Pantone color guides are used by artists, designers, printers, manufacturers, marketers, and clients in all industries worldwide for accurate color identification, design specification, quality control, and communication.

The original graphics color palette newly updated Plus Series in Fan guide and/or Tear Out Chip formats. Pantone Plus Series Solid Formula guides now offering 1,343 Solid colors.

Expand your Solid color palette with the original Metallic or the new Premium Metallic colors. Add to that with the Pantone Pastel/Neon guide.

Need to convert your Solid colors to CMYK 4-color process? The Color Bridge is the conversion guide from Solid to CMYK, RGB, and HTML.

The Plus Series CMYK 4-color process guides offer 2,868 Process colors with CMYK screen tint percentages.

The most recent addition to the family of guides is the GOE system. 2,058 colors created from a new ten color base system. Offered in fan guide format and/or GOEsticks (adhesive backed chips).

Essential Value bundles offer a variety of guides together for a substantial savings. Worth checking out.

Fashion and Home Textile palette
, with the recent addition of 175 new colors, now offers 2,100 textile colors in two-guide sets.
Available formats printed on paper are the Fan guide and the Specifier (six tear out perforated paper chips per color) sold separately or together as the Specifier and Guide set.

If you have recently purchased a Textile guide or specifier and just need to add the 175 new colors, you can update with the new color guide or the new color specifier.

The Textile palette is also offered dyed in cotton with the Cotton Planner, the Cotton Passport, the Cotton Swatch Set, and the Cotton Swatch Files.

All new Textile products include a Color Manager software download. No more color library disc, all done in the download.

pantone otherPlastic palette, which has 1,740 colors, in 3 ring binders, designed especially for the plastics industry.
Available in both Transparent Plastic chipsOpaque Plastic chips, and both Transparent and Opaque chips in one binder set.

Publications covering a wide range of topics having to do with color theory, how to create color palettes, and much more.

Color Cue-used for measuring and identifying the nearest Pantone color.

New to the Pantone color matching system? Learn more about Pantone