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Pantone huey and Monitor Calibration


There is a reason your colors aren't always true. It's your monitor. Every monitor is different. The Pantone huey can help.


Play Pantone Huey Video
Quicktime 4.2MB
Cable Broadband or DSL Recommended 


The huey is an easy to use monitor color correction tool that automatically adjusts the color of your monitor. How easy is it?

  1. Plug in the huey's USB cable into an open port
  2. Insert the CD_ROM into an open drive and install the software
  3. Pick your monitor type and read ambient light levels
  4. Position the huey on your monitor, using suction feet on huey
  5. Click on next button and monitor calibration takes only a minute or so

After calibration, you can let the huey monitor ambient light and automatically make adjustments for lighting conditions. This is where the huey really shines. As the huey sits near the monitor, it constantly monitors ambient light,and adjusts the monitor color and brightness automatically.

Should you color correct every monitor in your office or studio?
No.Your main design monitors should be calibrated. However, you should always keep at least one monitor uncalibrated. This can be used as the control, to see how a client's monitor might perceive color.
Useful discussion on using the Pantone huey




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