Craig Goldwyn's Home Page: Images and Words
Craig Goldwyn is an artist, writer, and photographer in Chicago. This site contains a gallery of his words and prints for sale.

C o l o r . M a t t e r s ... W e l c o m e !
Physiological and psychological effects of color. This site explores how color affects appetite, vision, sexuality, energy conservation, and its relationship to architecture and interior design. Car stories and a bulletin board.

Gamblin Artists Colors - Artists oil paints and oil painting mediums
Gamblin Artists Colors, American manufacturer of Artists materials, Artists oil paints and art sketching oil colors, Galkyd, Galkyd Lite, Galkyd Gel, Cold Wax Medium, Gamblin ground for oil paints, Gamvar picture varnish and Gamsol solvent.

Kira's Color Safe Color Chart
Colorsafe color chart, with popup HTML color codes. Very Handy.

University of Pittsburgh-Color Chart
Color chart with RGB and HTML color codes for a wide range of colors.

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